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How To Cleanse Rose Quartz?


If you are unfamiliar with the practice of cleansing your crystals the term may seem a bit absurd. However, it is absolutely essential that you cleanse your rose quartz crystals. Cleansing crystals should be done on a regular basis but should be done especially if you have just purchased the crystal or received it as a gift. Rose quartz, like any other crystal, gives off certain energy or a certain frequency. The thing is that as they come into contact with other energy or frequencies, it begins to interfere with them. It can weaken them and alter the frequency that they are resonating at.

Now just think how many people’s hands have touched the box that brought you that crystal. All the different energy fields that it interacted at before arriving in your home. It is important to cleanse your rose quartz crystal and to remove any of those absorbed energies before you begin to work with it. By cleansing your crystal, you are recharging it and restoring it back to its pure and natural state.

That is why in this article we will specifically go through the different methods as to how to cleanse rose quartz or any other crystal.


What can you use to cleanse rose quartz?

Are you new to the world of crystals? Do you want to know how to cleanse rose quartz or any other crystal for that matter? Well, when it comes to cleansing, there are a few different tried and tested methods that are known to work. These options include washing them in moving water such as a stream or waterfall, leaving them in salt, using sage, using sounds, placing them with other larger crystals, your breath, some good old visualization (your mind), leaving them in Saltwater, placing them in the natural light of the sun or alternatively placing them in the natural light of the moon.

Now that we know all the different ways to cleans them let’s find out how these ways work and other important details that we need to know before we start using them to cleanse your rose quartz.


How To Cleanse Rose Quartz


  1. Water: it’s the key to life and it connects all things on this planet of ours. It is well known how important water is for cleansing the human body and keeping it functioning. Well, it may come as no surprise that it is the easiest way to cleanse your crystals. Be careful using this method on geodes or unpolished stones as it may knock bits loose although we can’t say it has ever happened to us. Ultimately you want to leave your rose quartz submerged in water. How long you do this for is really up to you as it is more the intention of the process. You can leave it overnight or give it a quick 5-10 second dip. If you have access to a natural source of water such as a river, stream, or even better a waterfall. A source of water where the water is still alive and has energy running through it. Supposedly over time rose quartz can dull when being cleansed by water, but it really will take a very long time.



himalayan salt


  1. Himalayan Salt: Salt has been used throughout the ages for its inherent ability to preserve food and kill bacteria. Himalayan rock salt comes from the earth and is more natural with better energy. That combined with its unique abilities is why it is said that Himalayan Salt is particularly good for cleansing rituals.




  1. Moonlight: Moonlight is one of the most preferred and possibly one of the easiest ways of cleansing your rose quartz as it can be used for all types of quartz, soft, rough, and those really delicate ones. This is because the quartz is only coming into contact with the soft and pure light from the moon. Take your crystal and leave it on a table or a bench overnight somewhere they won’t blow away and somewhere that the moonlight can fall on them. It is best to leave them outside but positioning them on a window ledge will work if there is nowhere else more suitable. After a night outside your crystal should be fully charged and ready to go once again. The best time to cleanse your crystals by moonlight is during the full moon lunar cycle as this is when the energy from the moon can be felt at its strongest.



rose quartz


  1. Sunlight: Sunlight is also exceptionally good at cleansing quartz however it can cause dullness to many different types of quartz including rose quartz which is why it would be a better and safer idea to only place them in direct sunlight for a few minutes or so. The cleansing only takes about a few moments so there is no lead to leave them out all day. Just like your skin overexposure to sunlight could cause your crystal to buns which will damage and alter the look of your crystal.



How To Cleanse Rose Quartz


  1. Nature: Just like we enjoy a good day out in nature so do our crystals. Nature has some of the strongest healing properties so just place your rose quartz on a branch of a fallen tree or place them onto the moss or the earth and enjoy the view with them. Within a few moments any negative energy stored inside your crystal should be absorbed back into nature, making your quartz as good as new. Another way nature could be used is by burring your crystal in the ground overnight. Just make sure they stay dry, and you don’t forget where you left them. Maybe a flowerpot might be best.




  1. Larger crystals: By using crystals such as clear quartz that do not need cleansing ever but can help with cleansing other quartz, such as your rose quartz. All you need to do is simply place the two crystals next to each other and wait for a few minutes and the negativity will be absorbed by the large clear quartz, making your small crystals clean. This method is the next best to nature or moon-based cleansing. Just make sure the two crystals are touching.




  1. Visualization: This is another safe method, but it can be very challenging as the person doing the cleansing needs to be able to focus their mind enough to truly visualize the light that will cleanse the quartz. It’s very safe and obviously doesn’t harm the quartz. Take your quartz crystal in your hand, get focused and into a relaxed and meditative state. Visualise the crystal in your mind’s eye and see it being bathed in a bright white light. When you feel that the negative energy has been removed and that the crystal is recharged then it is complete.



  1. Sage: Many people opt for smudging as their preferred technique for purifying rose quartz as it’s very easy and is also highly effective. What you have to do is grab a fire-free bowl and light a bundle of sage, preferably Californian white sage but any sage will probably do the trick. Let it smoke and then move the stone through the smoke for about 30 seconds per stone. If the stone is a very large decorative piece, you can circle it with the smoking sage bundle. Be careful when going about this, when you are smudging inside make sure to open a window so that the smoke and negative energy has a place to escape. This is safe for all kinds of stones but make sure not to touch the stones with any hot embers as the intense heat may discolor the quartz.





  1. Breath: Your breath can be used to purify rose quartz crystals! What you have to do is hold the crystal in your dominant hand, take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it there, then move the quartz near to your nose and slowly exhale onto it, through your stone. Make sure not to inhale immediately after and allow sufficient time for the negative energy to disperse. Around half a minute is more than enough for this procedure but it’s only effective on smaller stones.


  1. Saltwater: Collect seawater from the ocean and submerge your quartz into it. Make sure it’s completely in water and leave it for several days. It only works for the harder stones such as quartz. If ocean water is not available you can mix some salt into a bowl of water as a replacement. Depose the water later on. This is really just a combination of the salt cleanse and the water cleanse and possibly even a nature cleanse depending on how you do it. It is great to combine these methods in different ways however suits your needs.




Now you know how to cleanse rose quartz, it is important to note, that whilst it’s beneficial to cleanse your rose quartz, you don’t have to get super hung up on it. Cleansing doesn’t have to have a designated time and essentially you can just cleanse it whenever you feel like it’s getting heavier or when you feel that it may be emitting some negative vibes. Choose whichever method works best for you or combine them in any manner of ways.