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Is Doubt Blocking Your Manifestations? 3 Useful Techniques

Always remember when it comes to the law of attraction you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are, but the biggest problem and what blocks a lot of people’s manifestations is when they start doubting and feeling fearful. Because anytime you are doubting whether something will work it’s your subconscious mind with the disbelief that maybe it’s too big a dream, too big a goal, or maybe you seem so far away from that goal right now you kind of has an element of doubt. That could be the main obstacle and blockage that is stopping the manifestation from working.

In this article, we will discuss three simple ways to be able to effectively stop doubting your manifestations, so that you allow the universal flow to deliver.

Is Doubt Blocking Your Manifestations

The first step is I’d like you to write this down, put it on a piece of paper, type it into your phone, leave a comment down below or anything at all really. Writing it down now will help to log it deeper inside your subconscious mind.  What you are writing is a mantra that is helpful for easing that doubt. “Who Am I Not To Trust”. Stick this everywhere you can. Stick it on your walls, on your desktop, your phone everywhere and anywhere.

Understand this one thing is the oneness theory. When it comes to the law of attraction and manifestation, the main reason why we usually feel afraid or feel doubt is because we feel that we are working alone. We think what if something is working against us. What if you want something but someone else doesn’t, or wants something that conflicts with what you want? But instead of thinking that, you say to yourself “Who Am I Not To Trust”. That is bringing your energies into oneness with the universe. That is showing an understanding that there is a collective, there is the universe that is also controlling or manifesting or co-creating with you in every situation.

So if you want the universe to work with you, then recognize the universe and its powers by always

saying “Who Am I Not To Trust” when you are feeling doubt or fear. You are recognizing who are you?

not to trust because there’s something divine, something so powerful, the universal energies that even created you and brought you into this world and if we know that exists then who are we not to trust. That mantra will simply bring you peace knowing that the universe has your back.

Is Doubt Blocking Your Manifestations

The second step which is a slightly different type of technique is known as the break and shift. Now, most of you are probably thinking what does that mean? Why is it known as that? First off, to understand this, if you are a person who often has many doubts and is sitting there right now thinking how do I get rid of the doubts, you need to understand that you can’t get rid of doubt. That is simply a thought and to try and get rid of it is like the purple elephant theory. If you don’t know that one it’s essentially that if someone says don’t think of a purple elephant it’s nearly impossible not to think of a purple elephant. Then if someone told you not to think of the purple elephant it would be even harder not to. The fundamental reason behind this is because what you focus on expands.

Now with the break and shift method, what we are doing is instantly shifting our focus. So what we are actually looking to do here is pattern interrupting. It’s really simple to do and will begin to reprogram your mind as you practise this more and more. The next time that you are aware that you are feeling any self-doubt or fear in relation to something that you want to happen, instead of saying “oh no I’m thinking this how do I get rid of the thought” because firstly by thinking about it you are now expanding it, so what you do is you break the pattern, you find yourself an anchor or a trigger. That could mean you think of your favourite cartoon, or the funniest cat video that you love or a situation or visualisation that makes you laugh. Humour is always a good distractor. You are using these mental references or triggers to divert your focus and attention away from the doubt or fear. This instantly should bring at the very least a smile to your face and that smile will break the pattern. If you had a headache but then you stubbed your toe, you most likely wouldn’t feel the headache at the same time you are focused on the foot pain. It is diverting your focus away. So, by using something you find funny that will break the pattern in a positive way.

So what you need to do is bring that image into your thoughts, you close your eyes and bring that image in and all of a sudden the pattern is broken, you start smiling, you start laughing. The second part of this technique then is the shift. What that means is once you break the pattern, you then immediately think of what it is that you do want to attract. You want them to say yes, or you want someone to call you or whatever it is. You visualise that happening. And then a lot of the time if it is a big limiting belief that you are holding then the doubt may set in again. So you repeat the exercise again. For some, they may only have to do this a handful of times. For others, it may take a lot of repetition. Doing this over and over again for the same thing. But eventually, it will break and when you stop applying energy to doubts and fear they will not come back to bother you anymore. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are. There will be times, situations, and different things that you are trying to attract that may cause you to raise doubts. But just repeat the exercise until the pattern is broken and you have shifted into the positive outcome that you are looking to attract.

Is Doubt Blocking Your Manifestations

The last step or technique that we will be discussing is the power of now. So, what do we mean when we talk about now? Well, if you think about it any time that you feel doubt or feel fear, it is usually in relation to a future or past situation. In the case of manifestation, it can only be the future as it is a future outcome that you desire to take place. Unless you are basing your future outcome on a past experience. So, at that moment you are not living in the now. It may seem strange initially because you’re thinking no, I’m here, I know where I am right now and that’s now. Well, your body may be here now, but your mind and to some extent your consciousness is experiencing a future moment in time. If you focus and bring all your attention to the now, the present moment, then there are no problems, or doubts or worries.

Some of you may be thinking how do you focus? and how do you get into the now? Well, the great news is that it is as easy as breathing. Simple breathwork exercises will help greatly. Slowly inhale and exhale deeply maintaining a steady rhythm for 5 – 10 minutes and you will be very present in this moment. And guess what here in the now there are no problems anymore. It is only when you think about the future or experience from the past that doubts and fear can arise.

Once you are refocused you act, you do everything that takes you closer towards that goal. Whether that is making that phone call, or writing that blog post, whatever that action is. Maybe it’s learning a skill or getting better at that skill by practicing it. So, in this moment after the five minutes of breathwork bring yourself back into this moment and focus on what specific things will get you closer to your goal right now.


You can use these techniques individually, but they can be combined making them even more powerful. When you begin to implement this practice into your daily life you will begin to remove doubt and fear and you will be able to handle any time that you feel a lingering thought coming to the surface. One that is disempowering and that you do not want. You can instantly get rid of it and refocus back on positivity. Always remember what you focus on expands.