Rose Quartz Water Bottle


Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. Rose quartz harnesses and increases the feminine energy of compassion, peace, love, and healing.

+ Glass & stainless steel

+ Removable quartz crystal holder

+ Unique rose quartz crystal. Colour may vary.

+ holds 500ml (dependant on the size of the crystal)

+ Only intended for water – ideally filtered


Rose quartz crystal opens up the heart chakra and helps to balance both Yin and Yang energies inspiring appreciation of love and beauty, whilst stimulating the other chakras as well as aligning them all back into harmony. By drinking water that has been infused with this natural gemstone, you our consuming the vibrational energy and frequency that rose quarts radiates. This infused water helps to both cleanse and heal your body and emotions. It is a quick way to raise your vibrations.