Rose Quartz Metal Straw


Rose Quartz is a semi-precious stone that is often known to represent unconditional love. Rose quartz has the power to harnesses the compassionate feminine energy of love, peace, and healing nourishment. That’s why it has been combined to form this unique rose quartz metal straw.

+ Stainless steel straw

+ Removable rose quartz crystal

+ Unique rose quartz crystal; colour may vary.

+ Weight approx. 100g

+ Only intended for use with water


Rose quartz is believed to resonate healing energy that connect with our heart chakra and helps to balance all of our chakras. Now you can practice some always needed self-love whilst also protecting our special planet from single use plastics.

This sturdy and long lasting stainless steel and rose quartz metal straw is combined with a beautiful geometrically cut rose quartz stone that is designed to be dipped elegantly into your beverage. Infusing this vibrational energy and frequency into any liquid and then consuming them can have healing effects both on your body and your emotions and is a great way to quickly raise your vibrations.

Rose Quartz Metal Straw

rose quartz metal straw