Ultra Violet Sterilization Lamp (38w)


This UV sterilization lamp is designed to disinfect smaller spaces within the home or office. Ultra Violet light has been proven to be highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses and other nasty stuff that you want to be removed from your space.

  • 38W
  • 220V
  • Black metal plating
  • UV intensity: 120UW/cm2
  • Scope of application: 0-60m2
  • Item size: 400 * 200 * 140mm / 15.7 * 7.9 * 5.5in
  • Package weight: 1500g / 3.3lb


We include an AU、EU、UK、US Socket adaptor. It can support Voltage 110V-220V

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This UV lamp destroys the D-N-A structure of microorganisms, making it impossible for them to reproduce and repair themselves, thus sterilizing them.